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Email Marketing Stages

Customer Identification & Data Collection

To boost the effectiveness of your Social Media & Email Marketing strategy, your company has to find its niche, identify its target audience and cater to its needs.

In order to attract more people to your newsletters and social media posts, you gather only the details that are useful for improving your services, with respect to the privacy of your intended customers.

Specific topic on each email and post

Because of our busy lives and the overwhelming amount of information we receive, people tend to skim through emails.

Our marketing team is fully aware of this tendency, so we design your promotional emails to focus on one subject, be easy to read and serve their purpose. We also make them easy on the eyes, interesting and pleasant, so that they are a welcome distraction. Furthermore, your social media posts elaborate on the topics presented in your email and keep your customers about your company's sales, activities, offers, services and calls to action.

Email Creation

With the appropriate email structure, you can attract the interest of your intended audience and increase your traffic.

Being aware of the timeless effectiveness of an email, we design them in such a way that leads the recipient to your landing page.


We perform thorough research of your company's target audience, and we tailor both your social media posts and emails to your audience's interests.

Our newsletters and social media posts go through thorough testing to ensure the best results.

Analysis & Monitoring

While testing, we analyze the impact of each post and email. Taking into account the data offered by our research, we offer you suggestions in order to improve your strategy.

Social Media Marketing boosts your website's traffic!

Your social media posts enhance your visibility and boost your company's rankings in search engines, and this means more people are coming to you!

Reach out to your audience!

Do not hesitate to ask questions to your audience. Our team is very diligent about your company maintaining a human face and engaging with its clients. Meaningful conversations arise and you will be amazed by your audience's response.

The quickest Customer Support ever!

Any customer with an issue, suggestion or question can reach out to you anytime! A quick response always boosts your company's reputation and enhances its human face

Your audience has a voice

Social Media offers your customers the chance to have their say! Everyone can post a comment, vote and share. This is a very good chance to watch your customers' needs and wants closely and to adjust accordingly.

Offers & Discounts

Social Media and Email are the quickest ways to spread the news these days, and your offers are no exception! There are a lot of good deals online, even better than those in the physical shops, which can be done anytime throughout the year. We aid you in spreading the word about offers that no one can resist!

Look the audience in the eye

Breaking the distance between your company and audience makes your company more relatable. Via your emails and social media posts, communication becomes a two-way street.

Making the best of your Social Media Strategy

There are many ways to use Social Media Marketing to your advantage.

Sharing posts quickly through Twitter, Facebook, and hundreds of other websites.

Including links to your social media posts in your promotional emails.

Creating bookmarks to your site using various social media tools.

Integrating Facebook on your e-shop.

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Our team will answer questions, give suggestions and offer you a detailed plan, pricing estimate and project timeline. We look forward to discussing your project.

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