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+30-211-19-88800 [email protected]

Dimitriou Gounari 4-6, 18531 Piraeus, Greece

Meet Our Team

The Raza Labs team is a tightly knit one, consisted of young people who have experienced first hand the difficulties brought by the Greek crisis but are passionate, creative and persistent.

Mohsin Raza

Mohsin Raza is a programmer whose mission in life is to help others. He was inspired for the company’s programs and platforms by his willingness to make life simplier and to focus on solutions rather than problems.

Τσαρδάκας Κωνσταντίνοςi

Konstantinos Tsardakas is the accountant and financial advisor of Raza Labs. With his attention to detail and expertise, he aids the company in making sound and wise decisions, adherent to the law and cost-effective.

Nasos Gourtsas
Legal Advisor

A graduate of the Athens School of Law and the Department of German Language and Literature with specialization in translation has been practicing law since 2003 in the field of civil and commercial law.

Tolis Mpakis
Social Media Manager

Tolis is heart of the team, he doesn't just help us in marketing but also he is one of found of BPL, do blogging in his free time and always available for free coffees

John Bakastamos
Regional Manager

John Bakastamos is the sales representative of Raza Labs. His versatility in communication and marketing skills combined with his artistic side offer a distinctive tone to our team.

Tasos Katsianis
Sales Manager

Tasos Katsianis is the sales representative of Raza Labs. He is an expert on social media and business communication. His experience as an online marketing advisor makes him an important member of the team.

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