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Mobile App Design

Planning and Strategy. Your apps are carefully planned from the early stages to their launch. Mobile apps have the power to help you connect to even the most unlikely audience, so we take their planning and development very seriously. There are many factors taken into account, such as the target audience and its needs.

Mobile App Development. After the planning stage, we seek your ideas, such as the way you would your app to function, so that you get the best user experience. We also try to make the apps compatible with as many operating systems as possible.

Branding & Design. Your company's personality should shine through every means, even in mobile apps! Every element, from the images to your company's logo should be shown everywhere perfectly.

Mobile App Marketing. Your mobile app needs a very carefully planned campaign even at its very early stages. We search for the most suitable keywords, we check your competitors' progress and we research your target audience's needs, in order to make the apps user-friendly.

Large Elements. Your mobile app should be pleasant to the eye, and every part of it (letters, buttons, images) should be large enough to achieve a smooth user experience.

Consistent Branding. Your brand should show up everywhere, and mobile apps are no exception. We help you create apps that reflect your company's unique character and are truly functional.

User Experience. Your mobile app is a complementary element to your company's entire digital presence. It should offer your customers the chance to interact with you, offer suggestions and criticism and make their experience pleasant.

Intuitive Navigation. Mobile apps should be easy to use, as they are mostly designed for devices that operate on touch rather than keys. Furthermore, the process of completing an action or selecting an option from the menu should be simple enough to be performed with merely the fingertips.

Operating Systems. Every operating system has its strengths and weaknesses, and we take both factors into account when developing your app. We mostly develop our apps in iOS, Android and Windows, the most popular operating systems to date. However, we will happily accommodate any new operating system as soon as it comes out!

Navigation Patterns. The look of your mobile app should not overwhelm the users. This means that the content is presented in an orderly way and the menus are easy to use and scroll up or down. The information is presented in a smooth and pleasant way.

Data Capacity. Mobile phones are devices that can have vulnerable batteries. We are fully aware of this tendency, so we design apps that do not waste bandwidth and do not consume much battery life and data. However, the images and animation that are used in our apps are still appealing and help you achieve your company's goals.

Maintenance & Support. We are with you any step of the way, not only through the developing of the app itself, but also after its launching. Dealing with any issue immediately helps your app retain its performance and brings you many steps closer to the achievement of your goals.

Popularity. Through our marketing techniques and high-quality content, we make sure that your app gains the recognition it deserves from a wide audience.

Stability. Mobile apps have to be flexible, in order to show up properly in every device and operating system, yet stable enough so that the content does not get altered. This ensures that there are not many different versions of the same app, reducing the cost significantly.

Rankings and Reviews. Especially in iOS, the better reviews an app gets, the more chances it has to show up in the top results. Even if the iOS is not used, the highest in ranking and more relevant apps tend to appear first. Furthermore, the reviews are a very important guide for those who wish to download the app to see if the app helps their intended goal and deserves the space and data it consumes.

Design & Development. It is very important to design an app that endures and performs perfectly despite any software upgrades, especially in operating systems like iOS.

Global Audience. The mobile app's aim is to reach to a wider audience. Android is the most popular and the most flexible software, so we accommodate any form of it. Furthermore, we make our apps in English and, if possible, in other languages.

Accessibility. We ensure the compatibility of your app with as many devices as possible and that it is easy to be found in stores such as Google Play.

Quality Guarantee. In order to remain at the top of your game, your app needs to reflect your love for quality. We regularly maintain your app, in order to ensure excellent performance. As long as your app's performance is on top condition, your company remains on top, too.

Open-Source Software. The more flexible the software is, the better. We respect the users' needs (and creativity), so we make apps and software that are easily customizable.

SEO. We find the most suitable keywords for your mobile app in order to make it more accessible. Furthermore, we help you achieve high rankings and reach the top search engines results by making high-quality content.

Digital PR. Your mobile app needs to build a following and reputation. We gather data from offline and online sources, in order to examine the trends and help your app atract the interest of not only the tech industry, but also the industry your company is aiming at.

Social Media. Through social media, your app becomes known in no time! Even people who may not follow your e-mail updates become aware of anything brand new. Your app will get a much needed boost in downloads and enhance your company's presence.

Paid Advertising. Your mobile app benefits a lot from paid advertising! Using the Paid Marketing Strategy, we make your mobile app more accessible and we help you attract the target audience.

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