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Marketing through Pinterest in 3 chapters


Duration: 3 Chapters
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You may not believe it, but Pinterest can attract many new customers to your business. If you ask why it is so, well, here is the answer: on Pinterest, they can see really attractive and interesting stuff, from mouthwatering recipes to very good looking banners, and be inspired by them! Furthermore, Pinterest is a very good means to showcase your products and their possible uses. If upon reading this guide we manage to open your eyes to the greatness of this social network, then, you can just thank us later!

Chapter 1

What is Pinterest, anyway? Pinterest is not one of the most loudly popular social networks out there. We aid you step by step in getting started with this, from signing up to creating a Business account. Through a Business account, you are given the chance to create new pins and have them show up in the most prominent place: the users’ main pinterest pages! However, in order for this to happen, we will show you how to do it right, in order not to have your efforts fall apart.

Chapter 2

A picture is worth a thousand words! This axiom does not only belong to Instagram. In fact, pinterest is even more important in showing off what you can offer! This is the most important step, as we initiate you in making a very beautiful campaign on pinterest, called “Promoted Pins”! Those pins can redirect people to your main website or function in a pay-per-click fashion, assisting your marketing efforts. However, these ads can only stay for a limited time; this means that they are useful for limited time events such as contests, but their temporary nature means that you will have to push up the ante for new content.

Chapter 3

Tracking your progress. In order to see if you get your money’s value from your campaign (and even more), Pinterest Analytics is your guide. The factors that are examined are very specific, e. g. how many times a Promoted Pin has been pinned by users, how many clicks it had, how many times it got people into your main website. Knowing that your Promoted Pin has inspired someone to put it on their board can give you a sense of pride! If you have not been convinced by now about why your business needs a Pinterest account, then we trust you will thank us later!

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