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Dimitriou Gounari 4-6, 18531 Piraeus, Greece


As technology is expanding, so do the ideas of building new platforms and applications. In this day and age, it is not a surprising fact that technology is one of the top niche markets which aids to success; the only impediment is that not everyone possesses the necessary knowledge and can afford to hire a company to build a web platform or an idea they have in mind. Some of our team members have experienced the same issue in their lives, so we came up with the "IDEAS to Life!" program. We believe it is not necessary to be a tech guru to conceive a great idea. Ideas can be gathered from anywhere and by anyone and they remain dreams until they become a reality. We are here to help you bring your ideas to life!

Bearing the aforementioned in mind, we are inviting everyone to send their ideas about platforms or mobile applications, which can fill a gap in people's needs. In case your idea is not to generate any profit, then of course we are not going to charge you for this service and you will be the sole owner of the project. In any other case, we get some small percentage on the profit your idea will generate.

How it works

So, If you have a great idea, what are you waiting for?

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