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Why to use a custom CMS

There is an incredible variety of software out there easily found by a simple search. However, custom CMS is a better idea than anyone could imagine, and we can prove why.

If you are a newly established small company then we won’t advise you to ask for a custom CMS. That is because it would be a solution too expensive and too “heavy”, as you would have more than you would actually need. However, you can set your company apart from the competition with the aid of high-quality design and the appropriate keywords, which is the most common feature in most websites. In fact, this makes things even simpler, as the vast majority of the open-sourced software is consisted of a blog.

However, things may change once high-performance websites enter the discussion. Especially if custom user-facing functionality and integration into back-office systems get taken into account, the jury seems to be out there about the necessity of custom CMS.

Very popular examples of Content Management Systems are Wordpress and Drupal. They offer the necessary features of a successful website and perform well with regular maintenance, add-ons, and configuration. Any CMS software accommodates a set of pages, which means that social media would not use this, as most of the networks do not have the standard website format.

The creation of a website or an e-shop which is effective and customized requires a higher budget, as they have a specific standard for performance, responsiveness and compatibility with SEO. However, this is better than attempting to customize a pre-set CMS, as the performance will get as high as you want it. As a company, we take your needs into account and we choose the appropriate software when building your website or e-shop.

CMS and SEO: A match made in heaven

Search Engine Optimization is truly important for any website’s success. Consequently, the right choice of a CMS can be the key to reaching the top search results! This happens because some CMS offer a specific type of URLs, some extra features and are ideal for either a website or an e-shop, but not for both types. For example, Wordpress is good for reaching the top search results and websites. However, Magento is mostly an e-shop platform and is not as SEO-friendly, since it requires the fixing of the website’s code. We know the ins and outs of each CMS software, so we can easily guide you in finding the best for you.

So, which is better: pre-made or custom CMS?

The first step to consider is that every open-source software has its own quirks. You have to make sure that you do not waste time and money to make a website that does not mesh well with its CMS. Despite the flexibility most of the pre-made CMS possess, they may end up looking awkward and low in performance. You can avoid this possibility with custom CMS, as it takes into account YOUR needs, fitting your website and your company like a glove.

You can count on us to make websites that are high-performance and allow more integration and add-ons than most pre-made CMS. We create websites and e-shops which fit to your needs with great content and are easy to use. We don’t believe in attempting to customize pre-made websites. However, we may use the best features from any applications that make the process much simpler. Our custom CMS has proved itself to be highly effective, along with the masterminds that aid in its creation. ,

Our aim is to create websites that fit your needs, which means that we will use custom CMS. We want your website to showcase your company’s personality and set it apart from its competitors.

Despite the aforementioned, we are very good at making the best of the most popular CMS software out there and we see their benefits. For example, Wordpress and Magento are deservedly considered the best in websites and e-shops, respectively, and we have no issue using them if they fit your needs. However, there is always custom CMS if you need something different, with an extra “oomph”.

Whatever your final decision may be, the key ingredients of an effective website are development and design. Our experts can be considered SEO wizards, and the companies that have partnered with us are a great testimony to this. Our success carries on to this day, and we can help you reach the top, exactly where your company should be.

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