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Can you make money from your pastime? Definitely!

Are you passionate experts in a hobby? Do you want to share your obsession?

Then, we are happy to inform you that you can teach everything under the sun, from programming to ...knitting! There are platforms that let you share your expertise and enthusiasm. The best part is… you can get paid for that! Who said that a hobby is just that? Just grab your computer and prepare for battle!

1st step: Create an account in a teaching platform

With the term “teaching platform”, we do not mean platforms in which only classes included in the school curriculum are taught. We are referring to platform in which every skill can be taught, such as playing the guitar. Teachers are paid in every platform according to the policy followed by each one. You only need an username, a password and an e-mail address. Boom! Now you have an account and your very own channel!

2nd step: Learn how to make a video

Video teaching is here to stay! There are many programs that aid you in making a video, such as CamStudio, for which we offer a short tutorial for the least acquainted ones. There are also many programs for editing and mixing. In order to get the hang of the video making process, you will have to record some testing videos and try to edit them, in order to see your strengths and weaknesses. It may take some time, but it is truly worth it!

3rd step: Course outline

If you are a teacher, you may be familiar with the term. Your video should have a specific topic and there should not be any diversions from it or it will be difficult for your students to follow your train of thought. A very good solution is to make video courses that stand out on their own. That said, you can direct them to other videos that elaborate on any of the points raised.

4th step: Money makes the world go round!

Now, the million-dollar question: How do I make money from this? First, let’s get this out of the way: video teaching will not make you a millionaire, especially in one day. However, if you share your videos on social media, such as your Facebook profile, you will attract some viewers. You don’t need to b a marketing guru; you just need to be acquainted with the basics we offer in our guides about marketing. The more viewers you get, the faster you make money.

The most important element is the passion about what you do! It will shine through, even if you have some performance anxiety in your first videos, and it will attract more students. Good luck!