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See you in the news!

Let’s face it, there is a sense of glamour if a business attracts the attention of the media, especially the mainstream ones, either through advertisements or interviews. Who wouldn’t want to show their vision to their entire world and make it look unique, after all? Thus, it is only natural if you want to contact the media outlets. Even though it is not easy, the workings behind it are rather simple to understand. Bottom line: It all is a matter of good presentation and PR.

Before you fill in that contact form or send an e-mail either to get advertised or to promote your company’s vision and present your idea, it is crucial to be very well acquainted with the news outlets’ topics of interest. Furthermore, beware of any biases. For example, if a blog has some political leanings, chances are that you will alienate a large audience from your company if you decide to get advertised in there! Your best bet is to create links with related websites and news blogs. That way, your business will immediately attract exactly the kind of people you need!

However, before setting off for the journey to conquer the most popular media outlets, do not neglect the cutting edge of marketing: the Internet itself. It is good to invest on a professionally done website. Of course, you can create a free website through platforms such as WordPress, Wix or Weebly, but a web page made by professionals will depict your business in the best possible light and is customized to your needs. After dealing with this important part of the process, you should pay attention to social media, too, uploading unique and distinctive posts. These days, most newspapers and channels have a page on the most popular social networks (Facebook, twitter, YouTube), so it becomes easier to connect with them. Let your company’s personality shine, use your creativity and humor, and who knows ...maybe you will be so attention-grabbing that the media will not be able to resist you! A small, but important detail: keep in mind that the media outlets tend to have so much stuff on their plate, covering too many topics in too little time, which means their attention span is too short. This means that you should act quickly once you catch their eye!

Now it’s the time to act: go ahead and reach out to them! Prepare a short and attention-grabbing pitch. Consider how your ad will be like. A very good way to connect with the news outlets is to contact them in social media, in which they usually present a less formal front. You can visualize how your ad would be and start from there. Furthermore, do not forget to comment on their posts or link them to someone who can offer an expert opinion on a topic. Whatever means you may use, always be polite: say “thank you in advance”, showing your appreciate for the (short) time they take to read your message, whether they accept your proposal or not. Do not bombard them with messages under any circumstances! This is very important if you want to keep your reputation and dignity intact.

Last, but not least: Before putting yourself out there, make sure that you offer interesting content that sets you apart from the rest. If this condition is fulfilled, everything else will be done swimmingly. If you have decent connections (which is much simpler than you may think) and you present your company in the best possible light, you already are on the right track. The key to success is, however strange it may seem, the “About us” page. When writing this section, do not hesitate to showcase your company’s mission and mission, making a ...manifesto. No matter how short-lived the business may be due to the competition, we are sure you want to immortalize it, if possible. What would you like to tell the world that will read your page a few years later out of curiosity? Having this thought in the back of your heads, you will be able to make a distinctive “About us” page. Of course, do not forget to include your contact information, in order to help the media reach out to you.

As is now obvious by the aforementioned, the success of the media outlets conquest campaign does not require your working hard, but working smart, and the best way is the right strategy, always with positivity and humility. Steadily, with simple steps, you will be well-known before you know it!