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Some extra quick tips for link building

Do you know what “link building” is? If you don’t, no need to fret! To put it simply, it is the key to connect with others in your industry and reach out to a wider audience! Acknowledging its important role in increasing your website’s traffic, we have prepared a guide for you in order to be acquainted with the basics. Even though there are various tips and tricks out there that aim to and promise quick building, the truth is that the process can be time-consuming and substantial. In this article, we just offer some more clues to get the complete picture.

Give a free helping hand!

Apart from the etiquette described in our link building course, always remember that link building is a balanced process: in order to take you have to give, and upon giving you get to take. Apart from the ...savoir vivre we refer to in detail in our guide to link building, it is good to offer a free trial in one of your services to those you want to create a link with. It is a very good way for them to get to know you and check if it is a good idea for them to link with you. If everything goes well (we are sure that it will if your website’s content is high-quality and distinctive), you will be able to reach out to a wide audience which may be vastly different from your usual one, thus increasing traffic in the long run. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


This section seems to be missing from various websites, as it is considered something useless. Big mistake! It is not a good idea to omit the “Reviews” or “Testimonials” page. In fact, it is a good way to offer the users a glimpse of your accomplishments and the reviews done by your customers. Here is something that should go unsaid, but still should be mentioned: The reviews and testimonials should be done by your clients and not your company’s employees! It is obvious, then, that this page, just like the “About us” one, is vital for your company’s reputation! If you want your business to last and make history, please pay more attention to the “Testimonials” section, as these will help you prove your company’s worth.

Always monitor your progress

Numbers do reveal a lot. Thankfully, there are many tools, the most well-known being Google Analytics, that aid in monitoring the links made to your website and your success in numbers. They are a good guide in checking the success of your strategy and making the necessary adjustments. The more links you build, the more people will visit your page out of curiosity, in order to see if it is compatible with their interests. Important notice: you have to comply with the search engines rules regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This means that you will not overuse and abuse the intended keywords on your website’s content, you will not aim for keywords unrelated to each other (e. g. “hairdresser” and “office”) in order to boost your chances of entering the top results and you will not include content recognizable from the “robots” in the search engines but not visible by human users (a tactic known as “cloaking”). Having in mind the aforementioned rules, you will create links and reach the top search results slowly but steadily, thus organically.

Link building requires kindness and respect. Always remember: Do not spam and do not send one too many messages! As a human being, you represent your company and, consequently, your website. This implies that if you want to increase your chances of creating links with other peers, you should maintain a dignified conduct and this does not happen if there are too many messages. Link building is done the right way like a relationship: step by step, mutually, with an open mind and a willingness to understand. Despite the fact that link building is an online process, the savoir vivre that has existed since the beginning of time never loses its power if you want to attract visitors to your webpage.