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Which career path should I take?

During our teens, we usually have to face a decision that requires maturity way beyond our years and life experience: our career path. We pass through exams and send applications, waiting to be accepted or rejected. There are too many of us spending 4 years in college, only to realize that we have spent thousands for a degree that did not live up to its promises. Furthermore, we should take this fact into account: students start University just after reaching the age of majority, at 18 years old. However, all hope is not lost. There is always room for change and the temporary nature of today’s jobs has loosened the correlation between one’s profession with their personality and social status, a phenomenon very common among the baby-boomer generation and Greek society before the recession.

Furthermore, it should be noted (and we should not forget) that the divisions encountered in the school curriculum are truly restrictive, as they do not take into account the complexity of human personality and its tendencies: for instance, a student may be equally as skilled in Ancient Greek as in math (this is not as strange as it may seem, as both of these courses require a sense of order). However, due to curriculum constraints, the student ends up having to choose between the two of them, giving up one of them in the process, even if they have not yet settled on the major (and, consequently, the profession) they want to do. The bottom line is that the decisive factor was the grades rather than the student’s inclinations, which would have been clearly more illuminating and helpful regarding the choice of a profession. This oversight affects truly negatively the issue of the right career choice.

Throughout our entire lifetime, since as early as our school years, we tend to hear many different (contradictory) axioms about the choice of a career path, such as “choosing a profession is like choosing a mate for marriage”. There are some counseling offices and courses designed to aid students in finding out the profession they would be best at. However, most of them tend to be obsolete and out of touch with the employment reality, remaining only in the sphere of theory, widening the gap between the students’ skills and prospective employers, thus leaving students aimless and drifting here and there during the entirety of their existence trying to figure out with which career they would be most comfortable, in a path that is not linear, but full of branches and side roads.

On the other hand, many people advise us to choose a career path that we like the most. Even though this is necessary, it is not enough. There is something extra to be considered: what we can offer to people and, ultimately, “why”. Everyone of us needs an audience in order to accomplish their mission in life, so it is important to have a clear answer for that “why”. This “why” can be a truly awesome compass which will ultimately lead where we truly belong, no matter how many side roads we may encounter or how many professions we may do. Furthermore, there is always the chance that the career path we like may change. There are many cases in which someone sensed the lack of something they needed and went on to invent a solution so that people would benefit from it. Thus, it is very important to link your interests to your audience’s needs, always having in mind that “why” which will not only give an impetus to your career path, but will also set the tone for your life’s course.

The answer to the question posed in the article is not simple and differs from individual to individual. Some people just “know” their mission in life and stick to it until the very end (they may sacrifice themselves for it), and others drift far away from their Bachelor’s degree, performing a 180 for various reasons.. Whatever your path may be, we are here with you to help you make your wildest dreams a reality!