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Development of the MITE platform

The MITE 2017 (Mediterranean International Tourism Exhibition) is approaching day by day (less than  a day until October 19th), so our company, always with the spirit of making people’s lives easier, launched a platform that will enable prospective buyers, exhibitors and visitors to acquire the best of the MITE experience. The MITE will be done on the MEC (Mediterranean Exhibition Centre). The application integrated on the site itself has the necessary functionalities for the registration and even provides further assistance for those who want a stand for their company. However, the platform itself goes a step further and offers a channel of communication between the visitors and exhibitors which is unparalleled. Moreover, it is a truly important tool which will help you enhance your company’s presence not only in the exhibition, but also as a business in general.

The 1st Mite is coming to light this year and is an exhibition that is supported by the Greek government (especially the Ministry of Tourism) and Greek and European tourism organizations. The aim of the exhibition is to bring together the various aspects of tourism, from the mainstream to the alternative ones. Furthermore, the Mite is a haven for the tourism businesses, from Β2Β to workshops and meetings. Mite aspires to be inducted to the pantheon of the first international tourism exhibitions in the world (and we are sure that this will eventually happen). In MITE, the visitor will definitely have a lot to check out, from destinations, investors, hotels, and various forms of tourism to airlines, shipping and travel agencies and wineries. As you may notice from the exhibition’s official site, it is very clear that there is a vast variety of companies that are hosted and the sky is the limit when it comes to the options and the potential clients.   

The platform itself is very simple to use in any respect. The registration process is done thus: the user will have to choose the role they are about to have in the exhibition: exhibitor, buyer and visitor. If you are an exhibitor, you will have to fill in more details, such as your full name, the company name, the email, the password, which will have to be verified, the contact person data (first name, last name, position, email and phone). Once you become a member, you will see a log in page, in which only the email and password is required. However, depending on your part in the process, you will have different features. 

Afterwards, you can add your company details to the profile, quickly and easily. If you register to the platform as an exhibitor, you will have a “Book Appointment” button which will be available to anyone in order to contact you. Furthermore, you will be able to contact any user you want through the “Send Message” feature, which is also displayed as a chat dialog window. Through the platform, you will have access to any news and you can search any exhibitor and any company you want to reach out to. As a visitor, you will also have the chance to invite others to the exhibition. Regardless of the category you may be in, you will be able to issue your exhibition entrance pass and have the QR code scanned. If the code is valid for the exhibition, then you will be able to enter the exhibition without any issues.   

Apart from the aforementioned basic features, you will be able to have a dashboard, through which you can change your settings, your profile and you will be able to be in control of everything, including the payments. In addition, it has a lot of simple functionalities, which enhance your experience as a visitor. As an administrator, you will be able to schedule and manage appointments, too. Furthermore, it offers an extra feature, extremely important: the ability to ask for a booth, its size and appearance. Thus, this will aid your business in showcasing its full potential and have it connect with others through its distinctive style. 

As you can see, the platform is beneficial for everyone involved. The exhibition is expected to accommodate at least 350 exhibitors from the entire world, 250 selected buyers and more than 30,000 visitors. We aim to make the navigation of the exhibition easier and simpler. Furthermore, a common phenomenon that occurs during the exhibition is the lack of follow-up after the business cards have been exchanged. Consequently, the platform enables any user to find any missing details and contact the business they want long after MITE has ceased its operations. 

Apart from the MITE platform, our company has many ideas in the pipeline, which will soon be released one by one. Just like GigLancer, we have a lot of ideas that have been materialized through the “Ideas to LIFE!” program and are soon to be released. Stay tuned! Of course, do not forget to come by the exhibition, see what is all about and support it at its beginning stage. Come and join us there, October 19th-22nd!