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Development of the Platform

A very innovative platform is already coming to light and its name is is another project that was developed through the “IDEAS to Life!” program. It was Mr. Tolis Bakis’ idea and it is a platform which gathers and brings together wholesalers, distributors and sellers who offer beauty products for personal and professional use and equipment for hairdressers, beauticians and other related services, and average buyers. Every customer can find products in any condition, new or secondhand, and any seller can offer used products, from cosmetics to clothes. Consequently, every kind of seller has the chance to have access to clients they would not find otherwise. We added a touch of femininity to the website through a very good-looking logo and a playful soft pink tint in the background. Women become the leading stars in this website through its focus on a really great part of their nature: beauty. After all, the female members of the team envisioned the current shape and structure of the site.

The registration process for this platform is simple for both simple users and businesses. It offers to the members the ability to receive product, service and offer orders by their customers through electronic notifications. Consequently, they can communicate afterwards with the clients and discuss with them anything related to the transaction. In addition, they have the chance to help them with anything they may need. Furthermore, on the page of each product, every customer can place their review and rate the product (and, consequently, the seller). 

Moreover, it offers the supplier the chance to develop their own network through sharing their own profile on This signifies that they can keep their clients updated for all the new products, services and offers, directly, easily and quickly. This feature also enables sellers of used products to promote their offers and discounts. All wholesale customers and sellers can register to the platform for free and they will be able to stay updated and find products, services and offers in the industry they are interested in, in one place. Moreover, they are offered the chance to get in touch immediately with the sellers. In addition, they will benefit from the offers and the discounts and they will discover new suppliers, products and offers in their industry. There is no better place to find everything needed for a beauty salon!

However, goes way beyond the wholesale sector, as it does not strictly adhere to the B2B model, but it extends to the B2C one. This feature makes a really all-inclusive platform which benefits any kind of consumer. Through the platform, both professionals and individuals can get products from brands they may not usually encounter in the physical shops in truly competitive prices. Beauty becomes more affordable than ever!  

As it is obvious by the aforementioned, there is something for everyone on this platform and it is a truly powerful one, as it is something unprecedented in Greece, even though there are many beauty stores in the country. Furthermore, even the smallest beauty stores will get their place in the spotlight through this platform and they will have the chance to show off their products. After all, anyone who has beauty products that are not useful to them can sell them through the platform. Moreover, many small stores throughout Greece that make their own organic cosmetics are given the chance to be better known outside the narrow local boundaries. 

The platform will be soon equipped with a very simple payment system which will make the transactions easier. Furthermore, the secondhand sellers are in for a treat, since they will be able to offer the used products in a very simple way, accessible to even the most inexperienced users. In this regard, is an innovation that breaks the business mold which prevails in the beauty sector. Furthermore, it is important to point out that it does not discriminate between small and large businesses, but it gives a voice to everyone. Its further development will enhance its ability to accommodate various kinds of beauty businesses and it will facilitate the addition of other features that will benefit the members of the platform. The site is a unique groundbreaking project that deserves special attention and development. It reaches a popular field of business activity, aesthetics and beauty, in a special way that caters to different types of customers, from businesses to individuals. Through this platform all companies are “heard” and their whole range is highlighted.

It is noteworthy that even in the midst of crisis, the beauty sector continues to flourish in the Greek world. Consequently, this platform, thanks to the simplicity of its use, improves the lives of many people and contributes to the prosperity of a field of business activity that is truly promising. Through it, a new form of entrepreneurship is being promoted, which gives the small, startup businesses that disrupt the standard entrepreneurship mode a chance to rise, surpassing the traditional Greek business landscape and the spirit of competition that governs it. For the aforementioned reasons, is worth of getting the support it deserves, as it recently started a partnership with the Attica Perfecture. Congratulations!

Apart from, there are many other projects that are to be released soon through our own “IDEAS to Life!” program. Stay tuned!