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GigLancer - Another Ideas to Life! project


The prolific and creative period for our company is alive and well. After the redesign of the B2Btrade platform, another project from our program “Ideas to life” is now armed and ready, waiting for you. GigLancer is a platform open to every kind of service and skill. The aim behind this platform is to give people an opportunity to provide services with an efficient and cost-effective way.

We have tried our best, and hopefully we have managed, to add features which can help a business grow and expand and we have also kept in mind the classic social network features,  such as free calling, texting and messaging, following and getting status updates of followers and vice versa, and the special affiliate system through which not just the service providers but also the people who share a gig can earn some percentage set by the seller.

As a seller you have many aces in your sleeve. Upon using this platform, you have at your disposal many tools that aid you in providing your services to an audience that gets wider and wider, while the process of creating a gig is quite simple and gives you the opportunity to sell, showcase and promote your services quickly and easily. We will navigate you through the main features of this platform and you will have the chance to see for yourself what it offers.

1. What is, Why and How you create a Gig

First things first, let’s take a look at what is a Gig, how it is done and what type of Gigs you can create.  With the term “gig” we refer to a service provided by someone; it could be anything from designing, programming, teaching, counseling, to event organizing, paid appointments and any other kind of profession or talent you may have. The sky is the limit.

The gig creation process is described in detail in the article “How to create a gig on GigLancer easily and quickly”. You can create various kinds of gigs; for example, you can create a gig with multiple packages, a gig which expires after a number of purchases or after a specific date.  You can explore our Knowledge Base on the GigLancer site to get a glimpse of our gigging world.

2. Affiliate System

GigLancer has an affiliate system which you can use to offer a percentage to the ones who share your gig with their friends, family or on social media sites and help them earn some percentage on each sale. Every visitor can become an affiliate; just by sharing the link for your gig, they will get the percentage from the earnings from each order that you have set upon the creation of your gig.

Through our article “How the affiliate system at GigLancer works” you will learn everything you need to know. Furthermore, you will see why it is a good idea to have affiliates in our article “Benefit from an affiliate on GigLancer now”.

P. S. The affiliate system is optional, which means it is not obligatory to create a gig with the affiliate system included.

3. Communication system

GigLancer does not include only one or two routes of communication. We consider  communication between seller and buyer to be a top priority. The communication process between buyers and sellers is now easier and free. GigLancer has a chat system through which you can make free phone calls and video calls, you can also send messages using this system free of charge. 

The various means of communication offered by our platform are described in detail in our article “Communication between buyers and sellers at GigLancer”. 

4. Coupon System

You can create promo codes for your Gig, which can be valid per usage or time period. For example, you can give a 10% discount to the buyers if they use those promo codes generated by you for the given gig, or create one unique coupon which can be used until a specific date. To create a coupon, please visit your “Coupons” page at the dashboard and you can also take a look at our article “The Coupons on GigLancer”.

5. Newsletters

Since the birth of the email, newsletters have proved themselves to be a truly time-tested method for businesses to reach out to their clients. GigLancer provides a simple newsletter creation system and a financially viable way to promote your gigs, the updates, the promo codes of the aforementioned coupons, and anything else pertaining to your services. Furthermore, newsletters are the best way to inform people about new services and products, spreading the word around with inconceivable speed. You can find out more about this feature in our article "The Newsletter feature on GigLancer and its power".


6. Funds management

We have tried our best to make your fund management to be as easier as possible. You can top up or withdraw from your GigLancer account any time. We have a system very easy to use for which you can find details in our article “Managing your funds”. You will see in detail the processes of withdrawing the money you have earned via providing a gig or by being an affiliate to your bank account and topping up your account balance.

7. Resolution Center

We understand that in online market there could be some issues between both parties, for example a service not delivered in the promised quality and time frame. For that purpose we have a support system. Through the Support Tickets feature, any matter that arises will be promptly tackled with the aid of our Support Team. For more information you can check out anytime the article "The support system on GigLancer".

To get you started we have created many step-by-step “how to” guides, such as:

1. How to create a Gig on GigLancer easily and quickly

2. Marketing your gig

3. Use GigLancer to bring your idea to life

...and so much more which you can learn by visiting the site. A common question is what kind of gigs you are capable to create. You can get the idea by checking out the categories on the main page of the GigLancer site and also we have written some supplementary articles such as “The perfect service to provide on GigLancer”.

GigLancer is fully responsive to the needs of every professional. For the time being it is totally free to join and post Gigs on GigLancer. The only cost included is the 5% processing fee from both parties when a gig is sold. Join now to grab this opportunity in order to create your account and place your Gig for free. The procedure of placing a gig might change in the future so register on GigLancer and take your business to the next level. We hope to see you soon in the world of gigging, which is also available in a mobile application.

Next up, we have another long awaited project from our program “Ideas to life”, about which we will inform you in our next blog post. Until then… stay tuned! We can guarantee that our new ideas will really surprise you!