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Redevelopment of B2B Trade for the wholesale market

Summer is slowly approaching and we are sure you are already dreaming of or planning your vacation. We are also excited for the summer, but since our “Start You UP!” program has started we hardly get time to realize if it’s summer or winter.

So today we have exciting news to publish: we rebuilt the B2Btrade platform, which is a part of our “IDEAS to Life!” program. Here are a few details about how this system works and what the benefits are.

Introduction to B2Btrade is a platform that was created in order to cover the entire wholesale market in Greece. It includes all the categories and subcategories in every business and product industry (even if a supplier belongs to a category that does not exist, they can create a new one in the platform immediately). However, it is not a simple business directory, but an online market tool. This means that every supplier can add by themselves the products they have easily and quickly at any moment, and also announce offers, always in the wholesale market, something that was missing in Greece.

The advantages a supplier possesses start right from the moment of registration, as they can upload their business logo, details and website.

If the supplier does not have a website, they have the chance to get their own without any additional fees, and, consequently, their own page, and features such quick search of their products, contact page and product and service management system, They can upload directly an unlimited number of products and also unlimited services.

This platform gives them the ability to receive product, service and offer orders by their customers through electronic notifications.

Further, it offers the supplier the chance to develop their own B2B network through sharing their own This signifies that they can keep their clients updated for all the new products, services and offers, directly, easily and quickly.

All wholesale customers can register to the platform for free and they will be able to stay updated and find products, services and offers in the industry they are interested in, in one place.

They will be able to receive online the news regarding their suppliers through their respective ( pages.

They will benefit from the offers and the discounts and they will discover new suppliers, products and offers in their industry. was created so that businesses can be presented in their whole spectrum. If you have not discovered it until now, it is time for you to learn about it, as it can offer a new impetus in your business, both nationally and internationally. Register today and induct yourselves to the business world map. was designed with the aid of the program “Ideas to LIFE!”. Mr. John Bakastamos, who had the idea for the creation of the platform, extends his wholehearted gratitude to Raza Labs for its realization, the perfectly harmonious collaboration and the making of his dream a reality!

There are more to come. Our next project from our “IDEAS to Life!” program is GigLancer, which will be presented in full in our upcoming post. Until then, stay tuned!