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Dimitriou Gounari 4-6, 18531 Piraeus, Greece


Welcome to Greek IT services company Raza Labs. Through our blog, you will have the chance to receive tips and tricks for starting your own business, as our mission is to help others by making the most of technology and marketing. We believe that everyone has an earth-shattering idea that can change the world as (we think) we know it, but many of them do not see the light of day because of lack of resources and knowledge. However, even if this is the case, there are always those daring people who are willing to enter the business arsenal… sure, why not help them?

However, we can safely say those days belong irreversibly to the sphere of the past, as our articles, along with the free “Start You Up!” courses, will help you overcome any blocks you may encounter in your journey to making your business a reality by taking advantage of the most powerful tools, such as social media or SEO (Search Engine Optimization, a mechanism which leads your website in the top results of the search engines in the search terms you have chosen). As you can see, there are no limits in the world of business ideas. In addition, starting an online business can be the solution to the unemployment crisis that has been plaguing the world, especially in the last few years. After all, the company’s vision was conceived exactly due to the difficulties endured by the team members in the midst of the Greek recession.

Of course we do not stop here, but we offer various programs with the everyday human at their core, as we do not just want to gain, but also to give back to our community everything that will help it grow. A demonstration of this is the program “IDEAS to Life!”. Through this program, your ideas become a reality. The only thing you need is to describe the idea that you have in mind through our forums, and we will get in touch with you. From that point on, if we decide that your idea can help the world (to be precise, we are sure about that), we will reach out to prospective investors either before or after the development of your application. The program “IDEAS to Life!” can be considered as the culmination of our vision.

A program that will be soon released is the “Talents to Rise” one. It was conceived due to our firm belief that everyone is a specialist in something: there are always those talented people that deserve to be brought in the spotlight and we provide them with the necessary tools, with the knowledge we possess in both technology and marketing. With our aid, not only will you not go unnoticed, but everyone will learn how special you are and will seek your wisdom and expertise.

Apart from the aforementioned programs, our company uses the best out of technology, even by tailoring marketing to its own terms! From website and e-shop design to phone repairs and business cards, our creative team can do anything! Our company’s activities extend even to graphic design, and we simultaneously offer accounting and legal support for your business in order to help you overcome the bureaucratic obstacles. You are not unequipped in the business activity arena, but you have us by your side as your allies.

If there is any need for extra support, you do not have to go through it all alone; we are always available for questions, feedback, suggestions and everything else you may need, either by visiting our offices or through our email address, social media profiles, contact forms and forums. Remember, all it takes is just an idea and you let our creative minds handle the rest, from the simplest websites to the most complex systems.